We know the fairgrounds. You know your fairgrounds. We want to help you tune your payment processing services so you can put 100% of your resources and attention on running the fair, not having to worry about where the credit card funds went.


Have you ever had difficulty collecting on a Junior Livestock auction, or a pledged donation? Have you hosted other auctions, where bidders (or worse yet, non-bidders) said they would have bid (bid more) If they could have used a credit card? Well, now that situation is a thing of the past. As your Fair Payment Processor, we have solutions where you can own a mobile unit and use it for your own needs. Then, when another depository use is needed (funds cleared and deposited to another account, as an example, the 4H Club or the Rotary Club) we can set them up and reprogram your terminal. It expands the use of your equipment, increases revenue and service and makes you lots of friends.

Facility Rental

If you offer facility rental for weddings, photo shoots, or any other public use rentals, then it is a great back up to be able to accept credit cards or be able to debit someones bank account electronically (with their approval, of course). This usually does not require a separate merchant account, unless a separate deposit account is required.

Parking & Storage

Offer RV Parking, hook-ups, have a general store on the property? Do you offer a long-term vehicle or other type of long-term storage? Then, you need our PAS (Parking And Storage) Program. We offer everything from one-time charges, to recurring credit card or auto-debit (ACH) monthly charges. Make the process simple! Optional cash-dispensing ATM for your RV Park Store. Low cost and revenue generating.

Racing Activities

Contact us for our complete product options for your needs. On-site ATMs included.

Ticket Providers & Processors


Our payment-processing program is one of the most efficient, streamlined and cost-effective payment programs for ticket sales. Technology is changing and has been changing every year. We want to provide you with the very best and most up-to-date solutions. Including new payment technology like contactless payments. Double the number of people through the gates equals more time spent in the fair or at the event. We have a special solution for a single, identified ‘HIGH-SPEED’ entry lane. The technology is now. We are here.

Special Events:

Special event ticketing can be a challenge. Fair Payment Processing can be your solution.

Ticket Sales:

Fair Payment Processing offers Ticket sales companies a comprehensive, efficient payment processing solution, which is easily integrated into software systems. Coupled with multiple payment options and combined online or offline payment options, even closed loop systems, Fair Payment Processing offers the most overall cost effective processing solutions.

Web Services

UMS Banking and now Fair Payment Processing offer and recommend online payment processing options.

1. I have a website and want to be able to accept payments electronically.

2. I want to find out about getting a website built and to being able to accept payments electronically.

3. I provide websites and want to partner with Fair Payment Processing to provide online payment processing.

Click here to request more information or have us take a look at what you have set up and see if we can save you some money.

Fairground Software Providers:



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