About Us

Since 2000, we have been successfully providing payment processing services dedicated to Fairs and Expositions, their vendors and exhibitors.

About Us

Since 2000, we have been successfully providing payment processing services dedicated to Fairs and Expositions, their vendors and exhibitors.

Our Story

When we started, we partnered with Western Fairs Association management to provide a much needed credit card solution for fairs. Through the years, UMS Banking has fallen in love with the fairs and what they stand for. The family values, the community services and contributions, the real entertainment and education value are all the things we believe in.


Our Team

Suzanne Haas

Suzanne Haas

SVP Business Development

Suzanne Haas has been part of the UMS Banking Management team for 12 years. She brings 30 years of banking background in Marketing, Sales and Training. Suzanne has been handling the Fair Industry since 2001. With her unique knowledge of the industry she is responsible for designing customized merchant account programs for the association members. She is often on-site at your local fairgrounds and travels to regional meetings and conventions. She has been affiliated and a member of Western Fairs Association (WFA) since 2001 and the International Association of Fairs (IAFE) since 2008.

Email: suzanne@umsbanking.com

Office: (800) 324-8323 ext. 144

Cell: (818) 207-0316

Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor

Senior Technician

Steven M. Taylor is the Senior Technician at UMS Banking. His duties and responsibilities include managing the Coding, Installation, and Shipping departments, as well as the delivery of all processing systems with a high level of customer service to our merchants and banks.

Steven is also the primary customer service contact for our merchants in the fair industry.

Email: support@myfpp.com

Office: (800) 324-8323 ext. 175

Chris Lake

Chris Lake

EVP Strategic Partners

Chris Lake has over 35 years in software development, IT and business management. Her experience includes directing operational aspects from Human Resources, Legal, Manufacturing, Delivery, Accounting, Customer Service and Technical Support. Chris’ understanding of both business and technology brings a rarely found perspective and value to Fair Payment Processing, our partners and customers.

Our Pledge

We promise to provide top quality products and services, with no additional surprises.

We promise to openly communicate with our partners with honest, reliable information.

We promise to offer honest competitive pricing for our products and services.

We promise to provide up-to-date training and information on all aspects of payment processing whenever or wherever it is in need.

We promise to provide fast, friendly, expert customer service in a timely manner.

We promise to be there when you need us!

We are always interested in learning more about how we can service you better.

Fair Payment Processing

The provider of choice for Fairs, Festivals, & Expos.

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